> Participation rules

Any amateur or professional pho¬togra¬pher can take part in the contest. 
No entry fee is required.
Entries should be original and independent photographs belonging to the author.
Participants are invited to fill in an application form (from http://earthforall.info) and send it to earthforall@gmail.com.
The photographs must be in digital form – JPEG, not exceed 1MB and than 850 pixels – long side, or 20/30 cm by 72 dpi).
Entries should not exceed 5 photos or series (4 in each series).
Entries should be colour or monochrome photographs.
Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification.
Photo collages, photographs – roughly digitally retouched or with any texts or graphics are not allowed.
The approved photos after the preliminary selection will be published in http://earthforall.info, where you can see actual information and results of the competition.
The organizer will not be answerable to any claims or complaints from any persons depicted in entered photog¬raphs. Such responsibility will remain with the participant.
The organizer will not be answerable should these photographs be published or exhibited in spite of the reminder in our web site.
The prize-winning and the other photographs selected for the contest can be used by the organizers for not commercial publication activities.